How to Login to USAA

USAA is an abbreviated form of United Services Automobile Association, even though originally it was known as the United States Army Automobile Association. This is a well-known Texas based firm that comes within the list of Fortune 500 companies.

USAA is a diversified financial services group of firms. Among these, one is the Texas Department of Insurance, which offers a wide range of banking, investing, as well as insurance services to people and their families who have served or are serving in the military of the United States.

USAA was established in 1922 by a cluster of army officers of the U.S. This firm was set up with the intention of serving mutual self-insurance. This was because that at that time military officers were thought of as a group of high-risk individuals for auto insurance.

Since its foundation, USAA has expanded and now offers various insurance as well as banking services to present and past Armed Forced members and their direct families. This company has its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas in the United States and operates worldwide.

USAA offers a wide variety of insurances to its customers. Some of its insurances include personal property, casualty, automobile, homeowner, renters, and umbrella, in addition to whole life insurance, term life insurance, annuities, etc.

Besides these, USAA also provides banking services to consumers through USAA Federal Savings Bank. This bank was founded in December, 1983. This is the 28th biggest bank across the world with nearly 6.3 million accounts.

USAA also provides brokerage services, including financial and investing planning. It offers mutual funds and investment accounts to its clients. People can also benefit from its real estate services, retirement planning, and health insurance.

In order to make things easier for its customers, USAA provides USAA login services. With it, you can easily as well as quickly manage your USAA online account from the comfort of your home. Moreover, USAA login allows you to view, update, and print important information related to your USAA account.

USAA Login: How to Sign in to Your USAA Account?

If you want to log in to your USAA online account, then you must follow these steps.

  1. Visit
  2. On this page, you will see the ‘Logon’ button on the top right hand side of your computer screen, click on it.
    USAA login
  3. Step 3: After this, a box will appear on your PC screen. You must enter your USAA ‘Online ID’ and ‘Password’ here.
  4. Step 4: Now, click on the green-colored ‘Log On’ button. This will directly take you to the details of your USAA online account.

Login Instructions for iPhone

USAA has its mobile app with the name of USAA Mobile. iPhone owners can download and install this mobile app from iTunes absolutely free of cost. You just need to open iTunes on your iPhone, enter USAA Mobile in its search bar, and download the mobile app on your Smartphone.
usaa mobile login

Login Instructions for Android

Android users can also download and install the USAA Mobile app on their Smartphone via Google Play. You just need to enter the name of the app that is USAA Mobile, in the search bar of Google Play and download the app.

Possible Login Issues

If you face any problem while using the USAA Mobile app or mobile website, make sure that you have enabled cookies of your internet browser and are using the latest version of the internet browser. Additionally, you must ensure that you are using a good internet connection and are entering the correct username and password of your USAA online account.

How to Enroll to USAA

If you want to register yourself for the online services of USAA, you must first enroll yourself. For this, you have to do as follows.

  1. Go to the link
  2. After clicking on this link, you will see a page titled ‘Register for USAA Online and Mobile Access.’
  3. The enrollment procedure for the USAA online account consists of five steps, including ‘Personal Info,’ ‘Online Access,’ ‘Preferences,’ ‘Verify,’ and ‘Confirmation.’
  4. On this page, you need to first verify your identity. This includes telling whether or not you already are a USAA member. After this, click on the green-colored ‘Continue’ button below.
  5. Now, you must verify your USAA membership by either using your ‘USAA Number’ or ‘Social Security Number.’ After this, you must enter the ‘Security Check’ displayed on your computer screen in the provided space. If you want a new security check, you can click on ‘Refresh security check.’ Now, click on the green-colored ‘Next’ button.
  6. After this, you have to create your USAA online ID and password.
  7. Then, you have to answer some of the simple question in case you forget your USAA online ID or password in future.
  8. After this, you need to verify your identity.
  9. Now, you must confirm that all the details you have entered are correct.
  10. Congratulations! Your USAA online account has been created. Now, you can log into your USAA online account using your USAA online ID and password.

How to Reset a Your USAA Password?

If you want to reset the password of your USAA online account, then you must follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. The password reset process of USAA bank consists of three steps, including ‘Personal Info,’ ‘Update Password,’ and ‘Confirmation.’
  3. After clicking on the above link, you will be taken to the ‘Reset Your Password’ page. Here, you must enter your USAA ‘Online ID’ and ‘Security Check’ displayed on your computer screen in the provided space. Now, you must click on the green-colored ‘Next’ button shown on the right side of your PC screen.
  4. After this, you just need to create your new password and confirm your password.
  5. Your USAA password has been reset.

For USAA customer support assistance, you need to call on 210-531-USAA (8722).