How to login to US Bank

Located in 25 states throughout the country, US Bank was founded in 1990 and is based in Minnesota; Minneapolis to be exact. It is the parent company of the US Bank National Association and as such is the 5th largest bank in the country. US Bank has over $420 billion in assets. You can find the US Bank in 25 states mainly throughout the Midwest with its 5020 ATMs and about 3200 branches along with online accessible at US Bank login.

US Bank offers its business and personal customers a wide range of services from brokerage services to checking and savings. They also offer other high-end banking services and have a very positive reputation. Unlike many other banks, US Bank was formed from a series of acquisitions from other Midwest as well as West coast banks and financial institutions. US Bank has merged with over 50 institutions just since 1988. Because of this, the bank has gone through several name changes and different names in different locations. It is easiest to get current information at the US Bank login.

In addition to its mostly Midwestern banks, U.S. is also a global institution. It operates in Canada and Europe as well as in California, Arizona, Ohio, Wisconsin and Tennessee. US Bank offers both the individual person and the business organization benefit from the global and national scope and products of US Bank. All of which are accessible from the US Bank login.

US Bank Login Steps

When you want to log into your account at the US Bank login site you simply must:

  1. Go to:
  2. Hit Log In at end of top line of the page.
  3. Choose account to log into.
  4. Enter your ID.
    us bank login form
  5. Click on Log in.
  6. Enter your Password.
  7. Answer ID Shield Questions.
  8. Click on Log in.
  9. You can also choose “Remember me” and the program will remember your user name on this computer. It will not remember your password. If you change computers or smartphones/tablets, you will have to verify your identification.

US Bank Login Process on Android

  1. On your Android phone go to the Play Store and enter US Bank in the search box. Or simply download the US Bank mobile app from here:
  2. When the US Bank Icon appears click on Install.
  3. Once the app loads click on Open.
  4. The app will ask for your Personal ID. On this same page, you can choose to click the box to save your username if desired.
    us bank mobile login on android
  5. The app will ask for your Password.
  6. Your account information will now be displayed.

US Bank Login Details for iPhone

  1. On your iPhone go to the app store – iTunes – and search for the US Bank Mobile app. You may also download it directly from official US Bank site here:
  2. Click on Install.
  3. Click on Open.
  4. Enter your Personal ID.
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Click Log on and you will be taken to your account.

How to Reset Your US Bank Password?

If you cannot remember your password, you will see this message on the US Bank Page:
User Name and Passwords
If you are an existing customer and you are unable to log in or have lost your password, please contact the Resolution Center at 1-866-252-4360 24 hours a day, Monday – Friday.”

Enrolling in the US Bank Online Banking

To enroll in U.S. online banking, you need to have an account already. If you don’t have an account apply for one before you attempt to enroll at the US Bank log-in. If you do have an account, you will need:

  • US Bank Check/ATM Card or Credit Card
  • US Bank Checking, Savings, Loan, Line, Lease or Mortgage Account Number
  • US Bank Ascent Private Capital Management, The Private Client Reserve, or The Private Client Group Account Number
  • US Bancorp Investments Brokerage Account Number

Once you have all these items together you can go to the US Bank log-in at the bottom of the page and start your enrollment by following these steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Go to the bottom of the page where it says, “Get Started Today”.
  3. Click on Enroll Now.
  4. Select Personal Account.
  5. Answer Yes to the question.
  6. Enter your Account or Application Number.
  7. Enter your PIN number
  8. Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  9. Create your User ID.
  10. Click on Continue.
  11. Create your password.
  12. Enter an email address.
  13. Complete all items on the enrollment form.
  14. Read and agree to terms of service, privacy and security.
  15. You will be asked if you want to receive your verification code by phone, text or email.
  16. Retrieve your verification code and enter it is the space provided.
  17. You will receive an email confirmation that you have been enrolled.

Important US Bank Contact Information

You may reach an US Bank representative via phone at:

Online & Mobile Customer Service: 800-US BANKS (872-2657)
International Collect Calls: 503-401-9991
TDD – All Locations: 800-685-5065

You may also mail them:

U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Bancorp Center
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402