How to Login to Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch is one of the well-known wealth management firms under Bank of America. Starting as an individual financial service provider company in 1914, this company has achieved several milestones and has singularly pushed boundaries in the banking sector. In the year 2009 they started a merger with Bank of America.

  • Excellent customer support cell
  • Huge number of Financial Advisors
  • Supporting the move ‘Live Sustainably’
  • Financial Statement with a seal of excellence by DALBAR, Inc

Merrill Lynch also has launched online services to facilitate customers to have a 24/7 hassle free banking experience. You just have to login to Merrill Lynch Online Services and the rest will be taken care by their experienced support team:

  • They will customize your plan after going through all your priorities.
  • You will get the best possible advisor at your convenient time just a click away
  • You can keep a tab on all your finances
  • You can have a tour through all their research
  • Get notified with all new offerings coming out

They also have Mobile Banking app to serve you 24/7 named ‘MyMerrill’.

Merrill Lynch Login – How to Securely Sign in in Merrill Lynch Online Services?

The user-friendly website of Merrill Lynch is simple, all the information you need are available on the home page itself. To Merrill Lynch login and get insight you should follow these steps:

  1. Visit their Website:
  2. On the home page itself you will find the Merrill Lynch login corner on your left
  3. A pop up box headed as ‘Secure Log In’ will tell you all
    merrill lynch login form
  4. Just fill the User ID and Password box
  5. And you will be directed to your account, where you can get the best financial service

If you are browsing from a secure source like laptop or PC you can also save your User ID. Don’t forget to Sign out once you are done. Save your User ID and provide only the password for next time Log in.

Merrill Lynch Mobile Banking Services

Merrill Lynch Mobile Banking application is suitable for both Android and iPhone. This mobile banking feature enables you to experience:

  • One touch, fully secured, fast fingerprint Log In
  • Real-time updates on Merrill Lynch investments, Bank of America account transactions and all the other accounts you will add to it
  • Guidance for making better investments
  • Deposit checks without having to visit the bank
  • Transfer money or request wire transfer on the go
  • Pay your bills just by clicking the ‘More’ option
  • You can also manage your credit card via this app
  • Stay connected with your personal financial advisor always
  • From the Dashboard, you can view market information without logging in.

The app is continuously updated to fix previous bugs and for better performance. Now the 2.4.16 version is available in Google Play Store and 3.5.25 version in iTunes.

Merrill Lynch Login on iPhone/iPad

To access your Merrill Lynch Mobile Banking services on your iPhone you need to make sure that you OS is up to date and then follow these simple step:

  1. Visit iTunes from your iPhone
  2. Search for the app ‘MyMerrill
  3. You can find it here:
  4. Download it and Log In with your existing Online Banking User ID and Password
  5. Add up all your card details and customize it
  6. You are ready to use the MyMerrill app on your iPhone.
  7. You can also use your finger prints to Log In only after customizing your touch ID with your account

How to Login From Your Android Phone

If you have an android phone with the version 4.0.3 or up, you can have your Mobile Banking account by following these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for the app ‘MyMerrill
  3. You can also download the app here:
  4. Download it and Sign in with your existing Online Banking User ID and Password
  5. Customize it and add up all your card information
  6. You are ready to use Mobile Banking services on your Android Phone
  7. You can also use your finger prints to Log In only after customizing your touch ID with your account

Having Problems Logging in? Find Out Possible Reasons Below

A lot of times, you encounter Merrill Lynch login issues because of an outdated browser or an OS that doesn’t support the app. Here’s how you can easily tackle these problems:

  • Clear your cache and cookies: Here’s how you can do it – Go to Settings> Apps> MyMerrill> Clear Cache and Cookies>Force Stop
  • Permissions: Android phones would ask for permissions for the application to optimally perform. Allow whatever the app asks for.
  • CAPS LOCK IS ON: Double check the caps lock while typing the password.
  • OS requirements: In case of iPhone, iOS 9.0 is the minimum requirement for this app to function.
  • Browser update: Keep your browser updated if you are accessing the web version of Merrill Lynch
  • Finger print reader: If you face problem during finger print Merrill Lynch login, check whether your phone has Finger print reader or not. If yes, update your OS and try again.

How to Reset Your Merrill Lynch Password?

Resetting your Password in Merrill Lynch is easy, but it’s better to remember your password by using a password that is familiar to your bank Password.

To reset the password just follow these steps:

  1. Visit Merrill Lynch login page at:
  2. You will find a pop up box on you left containing options to log in
  3. In that box you will find a hyperlinked option named ‘Forgot Password
  4. Click on to that, you will be directed to a page
  5. You will be asked for your User ID
  6. Provide it and follow the instruction on the newly directed page
  7. In case you have forgotten your User ID too you can click on the option ‘Forgot User ID
  8. You will be asked for your Email address linked with your account
  9. Fill it with your Email ID and you will be provided by a new User ID

How to Enroll in Merrill Lynch’s Online Services?

To have the best service from Merrill Lynch you must enroll yourself to Online Banking Services. To enroll yourself follow these steps:

  1. Visit their official website:
  2. You will find a pop up box on your left
  3. Select the option ‘Enroll for Online Access
  4. You will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to provide your Account Number.
  5. Provide it, and follow the instructions, choose your password.
  6. You will be eligible to acquire their Online Services.
  7. For queries regarding Online Log In you can also call them at 1.800.637.7455

How to contact Merrill Lynch

1. Over the phone:

  • 1.800.637.7455(for existing clients)
  • 1.866.706.8321(for new client or financial advisor)
  • 1.866.820.1492(for 401k & stock options)

2. Via Social Media: