How to Sign on to Humana

Humana Inc. is a leading health insurance provider in the United States providing service to a diverse range of customers. The various Humana plans cater to families, senior citizens, self-employed persons and military members, and other people with unique and personalized features. The company provides more than 52,000 jobs and has been ranked at 73rd place among the top Fortune 500 companies.

The various benefits offered by MyHumana for families include medical, dental, vision, health, life and pharmacy insurance. MyHumana also offers Medicare Advantage, prescription drug and Medicare supplement plans. Based on your budget, you can find a suitable insurance plan from the different Humana plans. The huge network of facilities and doctors at Humana ensure you get the right insurance coverage for your health. The supplementary plans at Humana provide comprehensive cover with discounts included, if you need hearing, vision or dental cover.

The various insurance policies offered at are wide ranging and fit different price levels, so you can opt for a plan that is suitable for your needs. The benefits you receive and premiums you need to pay, based on the monthly budget you have, are factors to consider while choosing a plan. For all resources needed to select a plan and other information, you need to visit the official site and login to your account.

Registering with

By enrolling in My Humana, you can find hospitals, doctors and other health providers, pay your bills easily, verify claims and be informed on the amount you have spent on healthcare. You can review your benefits and get cost estimates on health care plans.

If you need to assess your finances and family needs and require additional support, you can attend the Humana open enrollment meeting and have your doubts cleared. To start on the enrollment you would require the following:

  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Previous year’s health plan information
  • Previous year’s details on spending account
  • Home ZIP code


Members who want to renew their plans should visit MyHumana, for a complete history of expenses and project the expenses of the next year with the ‘My Estimated Expenses’ feature.

New Members

New members can create a budget for family health and assess where the healthcare money goes. With a budget, you can plan your benefits for the next year.

MyHumana Login Instructions

  1. Visit .
  2. Click “Sign in” at the top-right corner of the page.
    login to myhumana
  3. Enter in the user ID and Password you had set up, while enrolling in MyHumana. You can also use Social Security Number, Zip code and birth date to login.
  4. You will be taken to a personalized and informative welcome page, where you will view various options on the benefits you are eligible for.

Once you login, you can review the personal information related to you and your dependents, and compare the various Humana plans closest to your current plan. You can also estimate expenses and medical plans available.

If you are eligible for using a spending account, you can use the calculator tool to evaluate your expenses.

Each page of the site provides multiple options in case you change your decision regarding a plan. The back buttons in each section can be used to return to the previous pages and make the necessary changes. You can also make changes in the final enrollment cart, if you require.

Once you have finished the registration and logging in process at MyHumana, you will be able to use the website in a secure manner to know all data you need throughout a year for the benefits you will acquire.

Steps to Use When You Forget Your Username and Password

If you have forgotten your user name and have started on the enrollment process, you should access the enrollment website at, to retrieve your user name, with the email and password you provided while registering.

If you do not remember the password, you will be asked to answer security questions to ensure your identity is the same, as when you registered.

Contact Information for Assistance

You can use the Contact Us feature in to get assistance with the issues or questions you have.

Humana members can access the following numbers for the queries related to specific plans:

Individual & Family Insurance 1-800-833-6917
Dental/ Vision Insurance 1-877-877-1051
Medicare 1-800-457-4708
Insurance through Employers 1-800-448-6262

The following address should be used to communicate for medical claims and other correspondence:

Humana Correspondence Office
P.O. Box 14601
Lexington KY 40512-4601

You can also fax your information to 1-888-556-2128.

Corporate Office:
Humana Corporate
Humana Inc.
500 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202