How to Login to BB&T

On the basis of its Assets and deposits, BB&T is the 11th largest commercial bank in the United States of America. It has been in operation since 1872 and facilitated the customer personal banking on the go. BB&T(Branch Banking and Trust Company) offers services like commercial banking, consumer banking, insurance, lending, trust and wealth management solutions.

Their headquarters are located in Winston-Salem, New Carolina, U.S and they have over 2,100 branches spread across 15 states of the United States of America including a well-located branch in Washington D.C. They have been provided excellent services in the field of community banking since the last 145 years.

When it comes to Internet Banking this renowned bank has a free of cost online service as well as various mobile apps to give their customers the opportunity to keep an eye on their account on the go. They have branded their personal banking services wing as ‘U’. This name is in line with their intention of making banking more personalized. This free and easy online banking is just a click away.

They have well equipped security measures in place to help you maintain your privacy. From email encryption to website fraud they will notify any suspicious activity beforehand. You also can report the same with the help of their ‘Report any Suspicious Activity’ option.

BB&T Banking Online Login: How to do it Right Way

Logging in to BB&T’s online services is simple. Follow these easy steps to access your account:

  1. Open BB&T banking online login page i.e :
  2. There you can find the dialogue box asking for your User ID and Password you had enroll with.
    bb&t banking online login
  3. If you want to save the password on your default browser, you can go for the option ‘Remember me’.
  4. And you are ready to browse your bank details in your Laptops and PCs.

All your data will be secured, don’t forget to sign out when you are leaving the browser.

BB&T online banking on your Mobile Phone:

BB&T also offers mobile applications for your iPhone and Android phones. With these apps you can do much more than simple banking:

  1. You can access all your accounts under one umbrella.
  2. You can reset your User ID and Password.
  3. These apps never show your full account number. So, details are safe from intruders.
  4. Pay a friend or transfer money to another account by Text Messages.
  5. Customize your Account with Profile Picture.
  6. Easily contact to your bank.
  7. Pay bills, deposit checks with one touch navigation.
  8. Manage your accounts, Monthly Budget, Investments all under one application.
  9. Earn Cash backs, manage debit cards, redeem the cash backs and get tips on personal investment policies.
  10. Last but not the least, get daily updates for your investment account balance.

Logging into BB&T’s mobile services on your iPhone:

Here are the steps you need to follow, to BB&T banking online login.

  1. Open iTunes the app store of your iPhone search for the app ‘U’ by BB&T
  2. Download it and set up.
  3. Enroll to new account to generate your User ID or simply use the User ID and password to open your existing online account.
  4. you can find the app here.
  5. Customize it and you are ready to use the online services from your iPhone.

Logging into BB&T’s mobile services on your Android Phone:

To BB&T banking online login on your Android phone you need to follow these simple steps:

    1. Open Google Play on your phone, search for the app ‘U’ y BB&T. Download it and set up.
    2. Enroll to new account to generate your User ID or simply use your User ID and password to open your existing account.
      bb&t banking online login on android
    3. You can also use your Android Fingerprint to login to this app.
    4. You can find the app here :
    5. Customize it and your mobile app is ready to use.

    What if you face some BB&T banking online login issues?

    A lot of times, you encounter BB&T banking online login issues because of an outdated browser or an OS that doesn’t support the app. Here’s how you can easily come out of these problems:

    1. Clear your cache and cookies: Here’s how you can do it – Go to Settings> Apps> U by BB&T> Clear Cache and Cookies>Force Stop
    2. Permissions: Android phones would ask for permissions for the application to optimally perform. Allow whatever the app asks for.
    3. CAPS LOCK IS ON: Double check while typing the password. Many a times it might send you an error not because you forgot the password but because your caps lock is still on. It is a good practice to type out upper case letters by pressing the shift button on your computer.
    4. OS requirements: In case of iPhone, iOS 9.0 is the minimum requirement for this app to function.
    5. Browser update: Keep your browser updated if you are accessing the web version of U by BB&T.

    How to Reset Your BB&T Password?

    If you are not being able remember your password after a long time since your last login, you can reset the password with one click

    1. Go to BB&T banking online login page here:
    2. The dialogue box containing sign in option have a hyperlink named ‘Reset your password’
    3. Click on that option, another page will be opened asking for information like email address, last five digits of your SSN, EIN or ITIN and User ID.
    4. Fill up those fields and you will be directed to the page where you can choose your new password.
    5. In case you forgot the User ID too, you can contact their Online assistance cell at 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654). Associates are available 7 days a week from 6 am to midnight ET.

    How to Enroll with BB&T’s Online Services?

    If you are first time user, you need to sign yourself up first.

    1. Go to the website :
    2. Click on the option ‘Enroll Now’ or ‘Sign up’.
    3. Choose ‘Personal Online Banking’.
    4. You will be directed to their online banking page U by BB&T
    5. You can link your account with your Debit or ATM card, Pre-paid Debit card or Account number
    6. You will find different fields to fill like, Card number, Social security number, ATM Pin, ZIP code and Email Address.
    7. Fill them up, you will be provided a User ID and asked to set up a password.
    8. After setting up your Online Banking Account you will be free to access BB&T’s Online Banking services.

    BB&T is always there to help you out in every means possible.

    1. You can log on to online banking and send a secure message. They will send an automated Email confirming the receipt and your question will be answered in 2 to 3 business day.
    2. You can contact them via phone:
      ● Call 800-226-5228 from anywhere in US, available from 6am to midnight ET
      ● Call 910-914-8250 From outside US.
      ● For their hearing impaired clients, they have TDD on the number 888-833-4228
    3. You can easily download the mobile app and Contact them more easily
    4. Or you can visit their local financial center.